Southern California's premier Cellular Wireless Industry Contractor is Inland Valley Construction. About Us Inland Valley Construction Inc. is a fully licensed contractor insured in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Since 1976 Inland Valley Construction Company Inc. has been able to take complex construction projects from conception to final inspection and approval. We make optimum use of state-of-art equipment; construction materials and methods to achieve what other contractors seem impossible. The story of Inland Valley Construction Inc. goes back over 30 years when Ken Caruso began working with Southern California Edison doing steel pole footings, weed abatement, SCE Patrol Roads, as well as blasting and underground utilities. Since then Inland Valley Construction Inc. has seen and adapted to the changing needs of their clients and the changing needs brought on by the continuous advances in telecommunications and technology. What has made Inland Valley Construction different from others in their field is their relentless ability to solve complex engineering challenges. These challenges usually center around weather, terrain, geography, scale and heights. Spending time viewing the photos in this websites "Job Sites" provides some sense of Inland Valley Construction Inc.'s ability to say yes where many say no. Inland Valley Construction Inc. offers services that others simply can't offer. More than what we do, its where and how we can do it. Inland Valley Construction Inc. specializes in placing, servicing and modifying telecommunication sites, underground cable, and antenna towers in locations, which seem to be out of reach for others. Inland Valley Construction Inc. provides 24-hour, 7-day service for emergencies in the telecommunications field including site security and temporary power. Even after the original equipment is set and working, our job continues. As technology advances so do the needs of our customers. Inland Valley Construction Inc. is always available to return where most can't. We are prepared to modify or upgrade our customer?s equipment keeping them always up to date and in a position to service their customers. Inland Valley Construction Inc. is in unique position to provide ongoing maintenance and repairs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whether it is graffiti removal, weed abatement, vandalism repair or trouble shooting electrical issues we can quickly respond in time of need. Even after the equipment is set, the job continues. As technology advances, so do the needs of our customers. Inland Valley Construction Inc. is always available to return where most can't in order to modify our customers equipment, keeping them always up to date and in a position to service their customers. Our secured 15-acre facility in Southern California, with easy freeway access, provides an excellent option for storing our customer's equipment and materials. A big part of why we can accomplish the things we can is our extensive fleet of equipment. From large cranes and booms to heavy equipment and trucks we usually own what it takes to not only get to the job but also get the job done. By using our own equipment, we are not bound by the restrictions, overhead and scheduling of outsourced rentals. Inland Valley Construction offers a number of different portable generators from 45 kW to 100 kW to suit your onsite energy needs. We are also your source for permanent generator power installations. Inland Valley Construction not only rents but also provides 24-7 emergency generator deployment and service. We also provide routine and preventative maintenance on customer owned generators. Centrally located in Southern California, our 15 acre yard consists of an administrative building, a fabrication / welding shop, and a heavy equipment repair shop. Due to the size of our large facility we have more than ample room to store poles, tower sections, and pre-assembled shelters. t takes more than a yard full of heavy equipment and cranes to consistently do what is many times thought of as impossible. It takes hard work, courage and creativity. From the administrative staff in the office to the individuals in the yard and in the field, these people are the heart and soul of Inland Valley Construction Inc.